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fabric & product info

designed to grow. designed to last.

All Triple Flip products are thoughtfully designed in Calgary, Canada. We don’t just downsize adult clothes, we design them specifically for the tween body and the things she does in her active life. Our roots are based in Canada, and a good portion of our signature activewear is made in Calgary. For things we aren’t able to make here in Calgary, we have carefully sourced other manufacturers that can execute to our exact specifications to bring you the kind of products Triple Flip is known for.

designed to play as hard as you do!

Whether you’re lounging or leaping, Triple Flip fabrics are built for performance and comfort, with features that you’re going to love! The fabric that goes into making each of our signature Flipwear pieces is selected with care, to ensure they go the distance. Special attention is also given to how each piece of Flipwear is made, ensuring it meets all of the safety requirements for children’s clothing and is of the highest quality possible.

technical performance fabrics

Our technical fabrics use a variety of fibers - like polyester, nylon, and spandex - to create the perfect blend for maximum performance. When we develop our fabrics, we put them through the ringer, literally! We see how they wash, how they dry, what happens if we spill ketchup on them, and how they react if we rub them against something rough. But remember, they still are fabrics, and not made of steel. A serious skid on a gym floor will burn a hole in the knee of your pants, just like it would on bare skin. But we’ve also had people have a wipeout on their bike onto the sidewalk and have their elbow bleeding but the jacket is without a scuff. Velcro or abrasive surfaces will snag the fabrics. While we can’t possibly plan against every accident, we’ve done our best to choose fabrics with the softness, comfort, durability and washability that is suited for the kinds of things busy girls need it for, and to make everyone’s life simpler. We know we’ve done a good job when we see Flipwear that was from one of our collections carried years ago, and it looks as good as it did the day it was sold.


Triple Flip’s signature fabric is the ultimate choice for stretchwear. TFit is a premium technical performance fabric: it stretches four-ways, has medium compression, and is breathable and moisture wicking, so you’ll stay comfortable and dry whether you’re on the ice or sweating in the studio. Best of all, it never pills, which means it looks brand new for years after you’ve bought it. TFit is also the perfect choice for gymnasts - it’s so soft and smooth that the foam stays in the foam pit, not sticking to your shorts! We custom blend advanced performance fibers like polyester and nylon with spandex, to give you the perfect pieces in a variety of finishes from solid to heather, space dye to stripes.


Flipwear made with TFitSoft is always a favourite! Girls tell us it is the softest fabric they’ve ever worn. This fabric is made with the same fiber content as TFit, but has a deliciously soft finish to it. It stretches and moves with you, just like the rest of our stretchwear, and is versatile enough to wear to school, or for wherever your fun life takes you.


This technical performance, premium weight stretch fabric has the same hard-working personality as TFit, but with the addition of a soft fleece finish on the inside for extra warmth, right next to the skin. TFlex is especially awesome for skaters, as a layering piece for winter sports lovers, or to wear on those cold days walking to the school bus, when you want a little Flipwear love to keep you cozy.


This high performance nylon/spandex blend fabric is soft, breathable, and moisture wicking. Its dual personality makes it feel like cotton to the touch, but stretch and perform like the true technical fabric it is. TFitSupplex is lightweight and dries quickly, making it a great choice for stretchwear, and a perfect choice in humid climates – especially fliptastic if you’re heading on a cruise or hot holiday!

specialty fabrics

Minky Dimples

Minky is the softest plush fabric with the cutest dimples you ever will see. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure it is the softest premium dimple fabric in the world. It is 100% polyester, which means it doesn’t shrink or fade, and washes like a charm. One of our staff spilled soy sauce on her white Minky Jacket, and even that came off without any trouble. We think it must be the magical quality of the dimples that makes this fabric simply perfect.

Skivvies Seamless

Our Skivvies fabric is a nylon-spandex blend that is super soft and super stretchy. This lightweight, breathable fabric has no side-seams and no tags, which makes it ideal for those with ultra-sensitive skin. It is much lighter than a technical fabric, and more stretchy too, so don’t count on it for support or compression, but it makes the perfect second-skin layer to be worn under or over something else. Girls love it for layering under loose fitting tops, or even creating a riot of layered colour for a dance costume. Our Skivvies have also helped so many girls who have been hospitalized and need something seamless and totally comfortable while they are in recovery or treatment.

product safety

Children are naturally curious and do not easily recognize and avoid hazards; therefore, they need extra protection and care. Many injuries can be avoided by supervising children carefully and by making their surroundings safer. Triple Flip cares about the products it offers, and wants to ensure they are being used in the safest manner.

about triple flip sleepwear

In order to meet flammability requirements, we’ve often found that the choices for girls’ sleepwear are made with fabrics that feel plasticky, which is the last things anyone would want to wear to bed! Triple Flip sleepwear is designed to keep your child as safe as possible and feel great next to the skin.

All of our sleepwear is strictly tested to meet flammability requirements and is user tested to make sure that it is soft and comfy — perfect for sleeping, lounging or taking to a sleepover. If the fabric is a cotton blend, you will notice that our designs are a slimmer fit, with ribbing or a snug fit at the arm and leg openings. All measurements are tested to the millimeter in order to protect the wearer as much as possible in case of fire. If the fabric is a synthetic (like polyester), then we send it for flammability testing to ensure it is the perfect choice for safety, and that it complies with Health Canada regulations. We’ve made sure our signature Triple Flip sleepwear is not only safe, but also fun and super comfy.

For more information on the hazards related to drawstrings on children's outerwear, and for tips to help consumers eliminate these hazards, please refer to the following Health Canada links: ‘Is Your Child Safe?’, ‘Industry Guide to Second-hand Products’, and ‘Children’s Sleepwear: Flammability Requirement Guidelines’