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about triple flip

Triple Flip is a tween girls’ brand that began in Calgary, Canada in 2005, when we recognized that girls needed a brand that really “got” them. They needed a brand that was fun, aspirational, that fit their bodies and active lifestyles and helped them define who they are, at that time in their lives when everything is changing.

where it all began - the original flip girls

Linda Maslechko, the mother of three girls (all of whom were going through their awkward tween years), realized that there was something missing in the marketplace for girls aged 7–13 years. Shopping with her daughters was just a series of disappointments and fruitless searching to find something they liked and that fit their growing bodies.

“No longer little girls, seemingly overnight, they became very picky about what they wore. Their active lifestyles demanded clothes that were super comfy and designed to move. I could see that their developing sense of style was different than a teenager’s, so clothes that were just downsized teen brands weren’t the answer (on many counts). To be a coveted item in their closet, the clothes had to fit, feel good and be cool! But somehow, there just didn’t seem to be anywhere to shop for them!”

“As a mom, I cared about quality and how the girls looked, but I cared even more about how they felt inside. I wanted my girls to grow up confident and able to express their unique selves with the belief that they could do anything they set their mind to. Fashion shouldn’t stand in their way and the messages they were getting – from how things fit or how they were styled – were very confusing. How were they supposed to feel when they didn’t fit the norm that was being offered? I believed that there needed to be a fashion brand made just for tweens that stood for healthy lifestyles and positive body image, all while still being cool. So when my nine year old suggested we start our own brand, I agreed. Triple Flip was born to be that brand.”

We know that the experiences girls have as a tween, will have an impact on their self-esteem that may last the rest of their lives. Triple Flip takes a stand against fashion that sends the wrong message to girls about who they should be, or what their bodies need to look like. Based on 400 actual girls’ bodies and feedback from tweens, we’ve created our own unique design aesthetic made specifically for tween girls. We believe that a fashion brand can be more and do more than just sell stuff. We believe we can transform the future by impacting the experience girls have when they look in the mirror and respond to their image.

And to trust themselves, when it feels good.

Empowerment: We respect a girl’s ability to make a decision on what makes her feel good.

Authenticity: We believe in keeping it real. We promote images of unedited girls that are aspirational.

Happiness: We create happiness with an experience that is fun, supportive, compassionate and personal.

Triple Flip is a brand that fits who she is and not the other way around.