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sizing guide

Our authentic fit sets Triple Flip apart. The fit is based on the measurements of 400 actual, active tween girls. There is no XXS or XXL at Triple Flip, or a size chart that says size 12 should fit a 12 year old. The size range is uniquely created so that no matter where a girl is at in her growth, she can find the size that just feels good and not get hung up on labels.

We understand that every girl is uniquely different, so don’t expect that the top size will necessarily be the same as the bottoms size. Find the right size zone based on her measurements using the measuring guide below.

Some garments are designed to hug close to the body, especially if they are a base layer, and others are more of a relaxed fit. Use the same body measurements to choose the right size, regardless of the style.

triple flip sizesimilar tochestwaisthipinseamheight
1 girls' 5 - 6x 23-25"63 cm 20-21.5"53 cm 25-26"66 cm 22"56 cm 46-49"122 cm
2 girls' 7 - 8 25-27"68 cm 21.5-23"58 cm 27-28"71 cm 24"63 cm 50-53"132 cm
3 girls' 10 27-29"71 cm 23-24.5"60 cm 29-30"74 cm 27"69 cm 54-57"144 cm
4 girls' 12 29-31"76 cm 24-26"63 cm 30.5-31.5"79 cm 28.5"71 cm 57-60"152 cm
5 girls' 14 - 16 31-33"78 cm 26-27.5"68 cm 32-33"83 cm 30"76 cm 60-62"157 cm
6 teen 4 - 6 33-35"83 cm 27.5-29"73 cm 33.5-34.5"86 cm 32"81 cm 62-64"162 cm
triple flip sizesimilar tochestwaisthipinseamheight
1 girls' 5 - 6x 23-25"60 cm 20-22"55 cm 25-26"66 cm 22"56 cm 46-49"122 cm
2 girls' 7 - 8 25-27"68 cm 22-23"58 cm 26-28"71 cm 24"63 cm 50-53"132 cm
3 girls' 10 27-30"76 cm 23-25"60 cm 29-31"74 cm 27"69 cm 54-57"144 cm
4 girls' 12 29-32"76 cm 24-27"63 cm 30-33"79 cm 28.5"71 cm 57-60"152 cm
5 girl's 14 - 16 31-34"83 cm 26-29"71 cm 32-35"86 cm 30"76 cm 60-62"157 cm
6 teen 4 - 6 32-35"86 cm 28-31"76 cm 34-37"91 cm 32"81 cm 62-64"162 cm

activewear fit tips

Triple Flip activewear is made with technical performance fabric that has four-way stretch, which means it will fit and last a lot longer as a girl grows.

  •   For tanks, the fit under the armhole and through the chest is the most important (to prevent gaping). Our activewear fabrics will stretch with the body up to two inches, so we recommend buying within the zone on the sizing chart for the most comfortable fit. Don't be tempted to buy too big, unless it is a layering piece.
  •  For bottoms, the fit in the waist is the most important for comfort. It should fit snugly at the waist and not be pinching in or gaping. For girls with long legs, we offer a Tall option in our core activewear pant styles. This option is two inches longer in the inseam than our regular length.
  • streetwear fit tips

    Triple Flip Minkies, loungewear and streetwear follow the same sizing chart, but usually have a more relaxed fit since they don’t stretch as much. We add a little bit of extra length in the sleeves to allow for growth spurts. Sizing up to accommodate extra growth is sometimes possible, but we always recommend buying the size that makes a girl feel the most confident, since those are the clothes that get worn the most.

    The other brands we carry have more typical sizing, offering a standard girls’ size 7-16 or S/M/L/XL which roughly fits within the Triple Flip size 2-5 zones.

    Tripleflip Keep Fit

    how to measure, to ensure you get the right fit, every time!



    Directly under the armpits, measure around the widest part of the chest and shoulder blades.



    Find the narrowest part of the the body, usually an inch or two above the belly button. Breathe-don’t suck it in!



    Find the widest part of the hip, all the way around the fullest point of the butt.



    While wearing runners, stand with feet shoulder’ width apart. Measure from the very top of the inner leg to the bottom of the inner ankle.

    hemming activewear

    We offer local hemming through all of our store locations. Our friendly Team Members will find your ideal length by pinning the item for you. Be sure to wear the shoes you will normally be wearing with these pants. The cost for hemming is $6 and typically takes a week or so to complete. All items should be clean and in good condition. If there isn’t a Triple Flip near you, we recommend finding a tailor or seamstress who is familiar with stretch fabric to pin and hem the item for you. Remember: If those pants get too short, you can always get them hemmed into capris or shorts!

    need more help?

    Our Triple Flip Team is there for you. Whether in-store or with our Online Customer Service Team, our specially trained staff are familiar with fitting girls’ bodies. A photo and body measurements are all helpful in choosing the right size. Of course, we are always happy to make a change for you if the size just doesn't work out.